www.eurekasearch.co.za is an exciting new service that allows users to Interact on the site having easy access TO ALL on just ONE SITE

Mission Statement

Eureka Search mission is to provide an interactive place where people can Advertise, Date, Holiday and Add Employment.





All basics on Eureka Search – mail, profiles, searching, blogs, forums, advertising etc. will always remain

We will always listen to all the feedback and constructive criticism if we receive comments in order to provide you with the changes you wish to see. We promise to continue to be a safe haven where advertisers/members can communicate and express themselves while in turn meeting all sorts of interesting and unique people from different walks of life. We hope you enjoy the site as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.


In the current day websites have become increasingly popular; they are akin to a catalog for people and business’s where you can enhance potential by looking at a computer generated percentages thus mitigating the wasted time of actually talking to people that probably would not have worked out in the first place.This is your opportunity now!

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